About Us
5Elements Entertainment was founded by Mr. Saravanaraja in 2010 as a boutique studio. Today, with around 150 full-time staff and still counting. It is home to some of the best minds from the industry. In the eight years since its inception, 5Elements’ reputation has grown ever faster than its floor plan--beating all expectations. What keeps us apart from other studios is our ability to grow quickly to accommodate the needs of big production houses of international repute.

5Elements has grown to become one of the biggest visual effects studio in Chennai extending its services globally to many Studios, Independent Movie Producers, TV Shows, and Commercials.
5Elements boasts the most creative, talented and professional people working for it. The team teems with young professionals who are passionate about their jobs and always stay abreast of the latest trends and developments sweeping across the visual effects business.
  • Sr. Producer, New York City
    I have been using 5e Digital & have had nothing but great experiences. When dealing with tight deadlines (which is the norm these days), having a partner to turn to that does great work in a pinch is a necessity. 5e is that partner, and they never disappoint. It makes it easy to take on the impossible and impress with the quality of work that is always expected when you either have an army of talented artists standing by, or the army half the globe away that has your back. I will continue using 5e for our projects as it makes sense, not only due to time constraints, but also because they are fair when it comes to turnaround and budget. Thanks for all of your help, and for being there when we need you.
    Sr. Producer, New York City
    VFX Studio
  • 3D Modeling Supervisor, Israel
    Hey, the model looks great....I'm really happy for us reaching a higher level of productivity.
    3D Modeling Supervisor, Israel
    Branding Company
  • Creative Director, Finland
    At our TV Channel in Finland, we had a need to produce an effective spot promoting our spring programming and we wanted to do that in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season.5edigital rose up to the challenge of rotoscoping multiple challenging shots in a very tight schedule. Looking forward to turning to 5edigital soon again.
    Creative Director, Finland
  • Producer, New York City
    In our brief experience working with 5E Digital we have received nothing short of exceptional results. Having a resource as professional and reliable as 5E Digital is extremely valuable to my company and ultimately my clients. We look forward to working with them on many further collaborations very soon!    
    Producer, New York City
    VFX Production Company