Our Services


Uncovering the potential and reach of rotoscoping, 5Elements provides you with the best of rotoscoping in your projects. Our visual effects team is always on the move for new innovative uses of techniques to bring you the desired output with the rotoscope.

Paint – Stereo, Clean plate, Wire/Rig Removal

The team is experienced in dealing with large resolution plates and working on feature film prep/clean–up work, high-level quality control and the expertise in matching grain, restore colour balance and edge characteristics as necessary. The team maintains a suite of comprehensive stereoscopic 3D film making techniques especially in Paint Artistry. We recently completed a significant 3D conversion project for one of the most famous movies of all time. Digital artists from 5Elements combine different methods of manipulation and resources to create the required designs that are both exciting and of top quality.


Compositing (2D & 3D)

5Elements gives you the opportunity to implement an endless variety of visual effects and design changes without compounding your work.

Camera, Object Tracking & Rotomation

With relentless software innovations and robust methods, match moving has become an entrenched visual-effects tool and 5Elements brings you the best of both worlds, the live one and the digital one.